Hiking in Alta, UT

A short hike up to Cecret Lake and along Sugarloaf peak in Little Cottonwood Canyon near Alta, UT. The Wasatch Mountains are a great place to be outdoors. Guest photographer: Sheri Bigelow.

8 thoughts on “Hiking in Alta, UT

  1. I have skied Alta, but it never occurred to me to do pushups there. Of course, it never crossed my mind to go there in August, either. Pretty spectacular place, isn’t it? Enjoy it, and while you’re so close to SLC, figure out a new gizmo for WP that makes a genealogy blog fun, OK?

  2. Welcome to Utah Matt! Looks like you had a good time up at Alta, some great pics.

    Come back in the winter when you can do some skiing. There’s no snow on Earth like Alta.

  3. Nice little hike. I went last Summer. Unfortunately, you can’t take dogs anywhere around there and I don’t like leaving my buddy at home. I hike every Friday but focus primarily on Mill Creek Canyon and the Oquirrhs.