Athens with Social

I met up with Team Social from Automattic in Athens, Greece where they were having their meetup. This day included some injuries, the Acropolis, and a night out on the town.

13 thoughts on “Athens with Social

  1. I liked the time you went to Thessolonika
    and there were those cool caves. Why do you always show the food? to make us hungry?

  2. Oh, Matt! Glorious.

    The truth is, I’ve rather taken you under my wing without you knowing it, as I’m sure you don’t need it. But I like your face, I like your platform, and I have no kids. So it’s a vicarious Mom-thang!

    These photos are GRAND. I feel as tho I were there, and I never have been. The closes I’ve come is the Coliseum in Rome. The sense of majesty. I can feel it at the Acropolis.

    And the food! Saganaki, the veggie salad. I can taste it. I swear I can.

    These are a terrific chronicle of what must have been (or is still being?) a superb trip. How I wish I were your age and doing it all over again! Tho I’ve Never Been to Greece. But I’ve been to Oklahoma…Sorry. You’re too young for that.

    Thanks for almost taking me to the land I’ve always wanted to see. This was glamorous, pedestrian, and utterly cool, dammit!


    P.S. Ya gotta love the rail cat, and the dogโ€”divine. Smooch, little guy!