Spike Jonze and Kanye

I’ve seen two interesting online short films recently, and I’d recommend both (if you’re above 18). The first is “I’m Here” by Spike Jonze, a love story, which you can see on its official Absolut-sponsored site or on Youtube through these Ebert links. The second is Kanye’s new bizarre but gorgeous short film Runaway, viewable on YouTube, which features the beautiful Selita Ebanks. Both are about 30 minutes long, and will have you thinking and talking to your friends.

5 thoughts on “Spike Jonze and Kanye

  1. The art of the Kanye video is really fresh, and the music is awesome as always. I think Kanye is the kind of “entrepreneurs” rapper or artist. Just how he espouses the music business over college.

    Also, I felt a kind of “Smashing Pumpkins” vibe in the art of his video, could it be a Chicago thing?

  2. Kanye previewed a significant amount of music in that film, enough I think for people to decide whether or not to buy his album.

    On top of that he’s been releasing a free song every week as part of his G.O.O.D Friday initiative. He’s basically got fans in anticipation for a brand new song every week.

    I’m basically wondering if he’s managed to beat bootleggers at their own game.

    As in, why listen to bootleg versions of music if the artist is providing high quality previews as well as brand new music that’s never been heard?

  3. Matt,

    Do you see any synergy between the messages in I’m Here and open source software? Giving to someone else to better them as we give to the community to better resources.