Jane Kim Again

I first posted about Jane Kim in 2004, on my first visit to San Francisco. Fast-forward 6 years and she’s President of the School Board and going for District 6 Supervisor in tomorrow’s elections. If you’re in San Francisco, or know someone cool who is, check out her website and keep her in mind at the polls tomorrow. Tomorrow will also be my first time voting in person instead of by mail, which I expect to be annoying but worth it Update: And she won!

9 thoughts on “Jane Kim Again

  1. Voting in person isn’t bad, I’ve done it down here. This year is the first time I voted by mail (either here, or in Ohio, where I grew up) — and I only did it because the Registrar of Voters screwed up my change-of-address. (I actually wanted to go to the polls tomorrow, in person.)

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