F.ounders Camp in Dublin

I attended the F.ounders Camp in Dublin, Ireland put on by Paddy Cosgrave. It included a lot of great folks from both sides of the pond, including Jack Dorsey and Michael Birch pictured here in this album.

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[…] By contrast,  certain journalists and a number of bloggers were explicitly invited to the F.ounders event,  and indeed I believe that in some cases their costs (including airfares) were met to bring them to Dublin – see for example the second paragraph here.   Some international reporters gushed,  and others were more reserved.   In addition,  celebrity attendees were interviewed live on Ireland’s premier TV chat show.  However unlike Farmleigh,  there is no formal document capturing the outcome of the event and indeed it would probably be inappropriate:  it was after all a party with photos to prove it. […]

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