The FCC just released their first plugin for WordPress (a faceted search widget) and writes about why. Does your organization have a cool plugin you’ve written but not released yet? I know we do. Hopefully they will get the plugin in the repo soon.

7 thoughts on “’s First Contribution

  1. Hi, Matt, WOW!, the FCC! I guess they could come out with a few, like RF propagation forecasts, etc. I used to be a Ham Radio operator, myself. The internet and, of course cell phones, has changed a lot of that. 2 Way radios are still handy in event of disaster, though, if the power should fail.

  2. Be wary. The cannot be trusted. (Just a friendly reminder that their agenda is not yours…)
    I passed on the vapid plugin…

  3. No Joanne, it’s a Drupal site. And you won’t imagine how much it cost to build… wow. Still cant believe it. 1.35 million.