Amazon is hiring designers and using WordPress to do so. Update: Site is down, anyone know what happened? I wonder if it wasn’t meant to be public. Update 2: Now it’s back.

11 thoughts on “Design at Amazon

  1. I disagree with those who mock self-hosted WordPress’s alleged inability to withstand high traffic without plugins, but I’m getting an error. And this can’t be a cheap shared hosting account, this is Amazon, a company known for its masses of robust infrastructure. (Actually…)

      1. We’re still looking into what happened (maybe you did indeed take it down!), but it’s back up for now.

        Indeed the site is supposed to be public 🙂

  2. At present the site is loading *fast*, looks cooool and great, and alertra dot com reports are okay

    A request : wordpress software related news such as this may kindly be added to News From Our Blog on wordpress dot org – its good to know it from there plus that page thus not need remain stale for longer periods.

  3. No interruption noticed. Continue to use.
    First blush impression: Ugly.
    Second: Cheap looking.
    Third: User formatting underwhelming–less than expected.

    “If it ain’t broke, IT will make it so…”