Interview with Anil

Two weeks ago I blogged about a radically simpler WordPress, a topic first broached with Anil Dash at the PaidContent conference. The full video from that conversation is now online and only about 20 minutes:

9 thoughts on “Interview with Anil

  1. I’d love to hear this – will you be able to provide a transcript (or captions) at any point?

  2. awesome interview. Definitely more insights into your brain.

    I always love to hear and see the new directions that WordPress is taking.

    And I am starting to get sick of which programs you use to run the company, So I am sure that you are sick of telling everyone, we use WordPress.

    I agree the community and certain people are what make WordPress grow so much, my company now asks me, so we can make this in WordPress right? Or, this can be converted into WordPress right?

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