Bay Bridge Cable Walk

Had a cool opportunity to walk up the cable to the top of the the first tower of the Bay Bridge today with folks from the Bay Lights project. You walk right up the cable/pipe to the top, it actually wasn’t that hard. Once on top the vistas were amazing. I tried to grab some photos of the hardware behind the lights at the top of the cables. The top of the tower is 526 feet high, and 280,000 cars drive on the bridge every day, making it the second busiest bridge in the world. Guest photos by Lucas Saugen.

For a peak at what the lights look like in their testing at night check out this video:

16 thoughts on “Bay Bridge Cable Walk

  1. Stunning photos, including rust shots! Looks like a gorgeous day in SF — still, how intense was the wind from way up there?

  2. Matt,
    It’s hard to imagine walking up that pipe as you did and I found myself or should I say my stomach turning over just from your incredible pictures. Well done and in a very small way I thought I was with you through your amazing experience and pictures. Thanks for venturing and living to tell about it!
    all the best, Joe

  3. Awesome pictures!!! I spent 4 weeks in Emeryville in 2001 attending a training at Siebel Systems, travelling that bridge to San Francisco quite often. While I found the ride across the bridge itself always amazing these views from the top are really spectacular! Thanks for sharing, greetings from Germany, Robert