The Wall Street Journal interviews Annise Parker on Houston and calls it “The Modern American Boomtown”. I think Houston is the most under-appreciated city in North America, as anyone who’s hung out with me for more than a few hours has heard me preach.

7 thoughts on “Houston: Modern American Boomtown

  1. Any place on this earth being decsribed as a “Boomtown” is a very good thing for everyone, but particularily those of you who already knew it!! Good news is always good to hear!

  2. Houston born and bred here, and having lived on the east coast, the west coast, and in England, I can honestly say I will never live anywhere else.

  3. I like Houston so much I’m flying halfway around the world just to go back. That could partly be the wonderful Texan hospitality, though 😉

  4. I married into Houston and though I miss the bikes, pedestrians and safety of Montreal I have to say the cost of delicious food and long sailing season keep me very happy. For a good party town new Orleans and Austin are close anyway.