Dries Buytaert asks “Can we save the open web?” and makes an amazing case for why we should. I agree with and endorse basically everything in that post.

11 thoughts on “Saving the Open Web

  1. From the SXSW session, except for mentioning Drupal first with only passing mentions of WordPress, instead of the opposite , the presentation would have been a perfect fit for any WordCamp.

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  3. Fantastic article. How do we get some John Oliver “dickpic”-level impassioned argument and energy behind this? Going further on “tracking” might help (I think that term was missing).

    When I read an article, I like to know how I can take next steps. Mozilla, WordPress and Drupals leadership on these topics and the Indie Web movement are all very relevant.

    Thanks for link!

  4. Market and market economy is driven by the force of user-ease and the power of money. The myriads of php scripts of the “lost” open web, inluding Drupal and WordPress, made managing content easy BUT
    – they did not establish user-to-user connection like Friends and Likes
    – super easy UI to upload and share media [the early web had much lesser media of course]
    – shareable user credentials and user recommendations, for example you cannot login to a Drupal site with WordPress credential and vice versa or for that matter within several Drupal sites or WordPress sites [unless of course you tied yourself to drupal org or wordpress com]. Same about recommendation or like or favorite.
    For example, in the much neglected social layer of WP, Buddypress, no proper Like exists
    – uninhibited emergence of Apps – what Apps can do browsers can do too. But while there was SOPA and other movements there has been no concerted mass movement against this closed, company-ruled game of Apps
    – no antitrust / monopoly lawsuits against Google or FB like Microsoft had to face so frequently

    In the initial phase of internet, dev work was not so much money oriented. Eventually people needed money for survival – hence companies like Acqua and Automattic. Good but the passion is lost – thus no more scripts like Drupal or WordPress will ever emerge again. Thus open web is really lost.