I am very thankful and grateful to have made it through the past year, which was a really special one personally and professionally. I learned to open myself up more to relationships, continued aspiring to be clear and direct with yellow arrows, and worked alongside some incredible people to tackle the biggest and hardest problems, whether it was getting plugin and theme support on or the start and growth of Gutenberg.

I read a lot more books, traveled 337k miles between 91 cities, spent more time in Texas, kept my health in a good balance with weight training, running, and a better diet including several months of 16/8 intermittent fasting, while still getting in some excellent meals with friends and loved ones (up to 58% of top 50 list). As I’m solidly in my mid-thirties now, and I want to continue to live by: all things in moderation. I consider what I do with WordPress and Automattic my life’s work, and hope to continue it as long as I’m useful. Some days I pinch myself.

Thank you to all of you on this journey with me. I am imperfect but trying my darndest, and I’m lucky to have friends and colleagues doing the same.

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30 thoughts on “Thirty-Four

  1. Happy birthday! I always enjoy your birthday posts – very honest and aspirational. Here’s to many happy, healthy and successful years ahead. Here’s to tackling the largest of technical problems, while noshing the best meals! Cheers!

  2. My only suggestion for you for 2018 is get ahead of the “hipster” thing, shave, clean yourself up, and start to take pride in the way you look. Don’t have a style based on looking like everyone else – be yourself and power forward into 2018!

  3. You’ve handled it very gracefully. Happy Birthday and all the best until it rolls around again, but assuredly, you’ll be reflecting on some amazing success next year as well!

  4. Hey Matt! Happy bday! Wish you the best this coming year! Ive been doing 16/8 intermittent fasting as well and the focus you get on this stage is amazing! 😀

  5. Happy birthday, Matt! This is the first time I read your birthday blog post, and I look forward to reading all the previous ones too. Thanks for WordPress and keep up all the good work at Automattic!

  6. Your solid into your 30’s; I’m solid into my 70’s. In energy, I was like you… now trying to get back. Your life, at some point, moves from student to teacher… to yourself; to others. Thanks for sharing!

  7. And happy belated birthday! I’ve always enjoyed reading your birthday posts. It’s good to read WordPress and Automattic are your life’s work. Hope you’ll greatly enjoy your continuing journey through the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and wishing you a fruitful year ahead.

  8. Happy b-day Matt. Keep enjoying what you do and by all means enjoy wonderful meals with friends and family. That’s a great way to combine two pleasures of life in a single moment.
    All the best for the challenges ahead and keep up the great work!

  9. Happy belated birthday from the whole WP Live team! <3 We would not be here without everything you've accomplished. Looking forward to seeing what you & hard work accomplish in 2018!

  10. Happy belated birthday Matt! I find you very inspirational which recently lead to me applying for a job with Automattic. I think passion is important in what you do, and how much more passionate can you get then wishing the CEO of where you want to be working a happy birthday ;P