Matt 3.0

As in WordPress, the X.0 release is just the one that came after (X-1).9 before it, so while it seems more significant, it’s just another iteration in the steady march of progress, a job never done. I’ve now managed to stay alive for three decades, thirty rotations around the sun, and I woke up this morning a little hungover (there’s a lot of tequila in Mexico) but with a huge grin on my face.

In many ways life accumulates complexity as you get older, but the things that are most important are simple and universal: friends and loved ones, health, and working on something you enjoy and has an impact. I’m happier and finding balance more often than at any period I can remember since I was a young child.

This was another year in motion, traveling 345,211 miles to 78 cities in 13 countries. I’m still really enjoying being on the road, and it’s very intrinsic to how Automattic works, so I expect that to continue or even pick up pace.

Every generation feels this way, but it also genuinely seems like we’re at shift in how society works, with technology accelerating change, and navigating and more importantly creating that change is one of the most interesting challenges I can imagine working on.

Finally I’m humbled and amazed by the support for the charity: water campaign, which already is going to bring close to 2,000 people clean water.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up a little sunburnt, but hopefully with that same grin and ready to take on the years of my life that start with 3 and hopefully end with a bigger impact than my 20s had. It was a decade when I failed a lot, tried even more, and most importantly learned how to say yes and how to say no, something that gets easier as you learn about yourself.

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33 thoughts on “Matt 3.0

  1. Happy birthday sir!

    Links to previous birthdays at the bottom of your post are formatted wrong though, lead to 404s…. getting old, hmmm? 🙂

  2. Matt “The Motivator” is mixin’ it up!
    Let’s all gather ’round…raise our cups…and say “cheers!” Here’s to 30 great years!… Remember the rest?
    You’re definitely one #11 (sharp eleven)! Happy Birthday from Chicago! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! You’ve done some pretty amazing things in your 3 decades! I’ve got 9 years on you, it’s an interesting journey through the 30s for sure. Proud to tell people each day that you’re my role model. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Happy Birthday Matt!

    WordPress is the best thing on planet earth right now – and it is because of you and Automattic.

    Feature suggestions forthcoming.

    Eric Blair/Jon

    1. Mas Valent apa udah thirthy something juga sih? Hehehe… WCDPS jadi bulan Mei ya mas?

      Happy birthday Matt, congrats! Hope you I can meet you on the next WordCamp here in Indonesia 🙂