Amazing Brad Mehldau Interview

Great for everyone, but if you know a little music theory or Bach you’ll appreciate it even more. It’s never too late to learn music!

4 thoughts on “Amazing Brad Mehldau Interview

  1. I recently watched this video about tritone substitution, which I had heard of, but didn’t really understand. I found that the way he described it made it really sink in for me. In particular, the fact that the tritone is exactly half way in between an octave gives it the unique property such that the 3rd and flat 7 of a chord remain the same, if you change the root to the tritone.

    1. Thank you very much and congrats on the quality of your videos.
      The way the piano is incorporated into the video is just perfect.

  2. Ahh, jazz 😀 Jazz in June will be here soon. Love music. Love sharing tunes. Any chance you have something to share with you playing?