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Let’s Be Honest

My honest opinion: Scrivs, we get it, you’re controversial. It’s a good way to get links, but use it too often and you become the designer who cried wolf and people start to tune out. Critiques are good, but there’s a difference between ranting, constructive criticism, and stop energy. Criticism between friends is usually just that, between friends. It takes on a whole new dimension when it’s in the public eye.


This review could be in a good magazine it’s so thorough and surprisingly insightful for someone who has only been using WordPress for a bit. Not distributing language files was actually on purpose. Once more translatations are published and checked we’ll include a few of the most popular with the distribution and make the rest available for download. I’m always annoyed when I download a package where the language files are bigger than hte app itself, and I’m going to use one.