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Let’s Be Honest

My honest opinion: Scrivs, we get it, you’re controversial. It’s a good way to get links, but use it too often and you become the designer who cried wolf and people start to tune out. Critiques are good, but there’s a difference between ranting, constructive criticism, and stop energy. Criticism between friends is usually just that, between friends. It takes on a whole new dimension when it’s in the public eye.


This review could be in a good magazine it’s so thorough and surprisingly insightful for someone who has only been using WordPress for a bit. Not distributing language files was actually on purpose. Once more translatations are published and checked we’ll include a few of the most popular with the distribution and make the rest available for download. I’m always annoyed when I download a package where the language files are bigger than hte app itself, and I’m going to use one.

ongoing VoIP

Tim Bray on Vonage. I’ve been happy with my Vonage phone, which I’ve had since around December. The only problem is it seems to have to go in front of my router, and the double NAT makes a lot of things tricky. Also my box is really tiny, not sure why he says they have to get smaller.

Interface design in WordPress

Matthew Thomas » Interface design in WordPress 1.2. If you think the new options are nice, wait to you see some of the other stuff mpt is bugging me to do. đŸ™‚ We’re very lucky to have this guy around. Don’t believe anyone who tells you UI is easy. Matthew spent a lot of time designing everything and it took me an order of magnitude longer than I expected to implement most of it. (The last 10% will take even longer.)