sold my soul…

why thank you
Well after almost a month of procrastination I’ve finally gotten around to signing up for the draft and I feel strangely empty. Maybe it’s just my medicine (good stuff) but putting myself on the list of people to be called on if there’s a war. Of course, technically, we’re in a war against the “axis of evil” as Bush put it, and SSS actually has some interesting comments on that.

New Site:

I just finished putting the finishing touches on what I consider to be an acceptable version of the new Mullenweg Home Page. I bought the domain a while ago (because you know it would have gotten snatched up otherwise) but haven’t done much with it except put my senior pictures in a subdomain. However towards the beginning I built a database schema for all the genealogy information my sister seems to be obsessed with now :). Anyway once all the data was in the database it was a nice project to create a frontend for it, complete with tons of useless trivia about each entry.
I’m also quite proud of the entirey CSS based layout that it’s done in. I’ve dabbled quite a bit in CSS in the past, but this is my first abandonment of tables in a production design. You can also do some cool things on the Site Prefs page using some fancy javascript and alternate stylesheets. Try it out!

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Bush’s budget boosts electronic surveillance, wiretapping

Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2003
Bush Eyeballs Heavy Tech Spending (Wired)
The FBI would receive $61.8 million and 201 more employees or contractors to support the agency’s “surveillance capabilities to collect evidence and intelligence,” the DOJ said in a statement on Monday afternoon. That would allow the FBI to devote more resources than ever to controversial spy technologies like Carnivore, keyboard logging devices, and Magic Lantern.

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testing new system

Yes, I suppose it was just a matter of time before my egotist tendencies combined with my inherit geekiness to create some sort of blog. I’ve had an unhealthy amount of fun setting this up :). This will be a nexus where I talk about and comment on things that interest me, like music, technology, politics, etc. etc. Has anyone noticed that when I’m sick I get a ton of work done?

Editor’s note, Sept 2012: This was the first blog entry I made on a Movable Type-powered blog that used to live on From what I can tell from the archives, I switched to B2 (a predecessor to WordPress) about four months later.