Sun Followup

In the past few days since I wrote the post on my experience with Sun there has been a lot of interesting discussion spawned, and as much about Jonathan Schwartz’s response as my post. Mr Schwartz rightly got a ton of kudos in the blogosphere for his honest and personable response. Two others shared their […]

Sun Isn’t Relevant to Startups

Preface: I don’t write critically about a company unless I think they have some glimmer of getting better, however small that may be. I just watched another Scoble Show interview with Jonathan Schwartz, and it reminded me how frustrated I continue to be with Sun, particularly their Startup Essentials program. He seems to be complaining […]

Free Sun Server

I put in an application for a free Sun server to try out for either or Ping-o-Matic, depending on when/if it arrives. Everything we’ve done on has been Dell thus far, and honestly they’ve been pretty good with the exception of one box that they’re going to replace soon. Our biggest DB server […]