Free Sun Server

I put in an application for a free Sun server to try out for either or Ping-o-Matic, depending on when/if it arrives. Everything we’ve done on has been Dell thus far, and honestly they’ve been pretty good with the exception of one box that they’re going to replace soon. Our biggest DB server (a Dell 6850) does north of 300 queries per second, but it weighs as much as me and uses a crazy amount of power, which is expensive. Of course as more and more of our infrastructure becomes distributed, high performance boxes don’t matter as much.

4 thoughts on “Free Sun Server

  1. I’m sure Sun will see the oppurtunity in this, testing out one of their servers under the high workload of something as used as Ping-o-matic. They’ll probably rush one out to you :).

  2. Shorty,

    Unfortunately, ‘high’ is relative. High for Matt right now might be over 300 statements/s, however to a corporate high is normally measured in the thousands, not hundreds. That said, if the growth of Matt’s sites continues to grow, it’ll only be a matter of time before he is breaking 1000 statements/s.

    None the less, it’ll be an interesting test to see what happens if you do get your hands on one of them.