Janitorial in Seaside


The Janitorial team at Automattic spent a week in Seaside, Florida working on projects together, here’s one night we went out for dinner.




While visiting some friends in Utah we decided on a bit of a whim to go skydiving, which ended up being an amazing experience. I can’t wait to go again. I paid the extra for the photographer, so here are the photos and videos they took.


Ethiopia Day 4


Saw charity: water’s new drilling rig, was shown some local houses, visiting Gereb Eshiibela where a well had been built, then a drive and portraits in a beautiful valley, and dinner at Geza-Gebreselassie.




Visited a well being hand-dug with dynamite, a drilled well hitting water, and Shak’s sites in Seglemen, Ethiopia.


Second Day in Ethiopia


Climbed Gheralta to visit the church at the top of the mountain, checked into the Gheralta Lodge, and visited a village called Girat Mikdah Keshe that received a well from Charity: Water two years ago. Guest photographers: John Vechey and Scott Harrison.


First day in Ethiopia


Visiting new drilling rig, in Charity: Water yellow, visited a village without clean water yet that’s going to get it later this year, played soccer in Abenaa (lost 2-1, but good game).




First full day at the Automattic Janitorial meetup in Sayulita. All taken with a NEX-7.


Birthday at Thee Parkside


Did low-key drinks at a fun bar called Thee Parkside for birthday, always fun to see friends new and old. Experimenting with a new camera, the Sony NEX-7, though these blurry bar photos don’t really do it justice.