Blogroll Updated

The blogroll on the menu has been seperated into Pingers and Non-Pingers. People under “Updated” ping when they update and float to the top of the list, which I check umpteen times a day. Those on the other list ping very inconsistently, or not at all, so I just check them every now and then to see if anything new is going on. If you’re on one list and think you should be on the other, let me know because there’s probably a problem with the URL I have for you not matching whatever you ping with. I also came up with a much, much simpler way to parse blogrolling lists into semantic lists, and I’ll update the script and article accordingly later this week when I have more time.

One reply on “Blogroll Updated”

I would love it if you could share details on how to do this – and I would like to share it on Scripty if you don’t mind (either a full post there or a link back to wherever you post it, your call.) I want to get away from using Blogrolling because I think it’s bogging down my site.