Fall in Luxembourg

Exploring Parc de Ville with its Fall colors, the city center of Luxembourg, and the Sonny Rollins concert at Philharmonie.

11 thoughts on “Fall in Luxembourg

  1. Where did you get the blue jacket you are wearing in the images with you on the bench? Brand is also OK. Looks really nice.

    1. Thank you very much, I got it a few years ago. It’s a reversible Zegna Sport jacket, which I had turned to the waterproof black inner part because it was drizzling. The other side is a grey pinstripe, which you can see here.

  2. Did You notice the attention to detail that was put in to the facades of the architecture there? When I was there in 2006, I filled almost half of my camera´s memory with shots portraying the beauty of the houses, as well as sculptures on street corners etc..

    The food was fine but a little too expensive to feel comfortable ordering whatever one desired.

  3. Oddly enough Matt, I never even thought about you having a blog! how weird is that?
    Anyway here you are just a few hundred miles from my home in France. I guess you are probably back home now, I’d have bought you a drink – I realized the other day that 100% of my income is generated by WordPress 🙂