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Matt 2.2

We’re very proud to announce the final release of Matt 2.2, a full year in the making since the last major release. This version includes dozens of enhancements ranging from DSLR support to the new facial hair module (which we could never quite get to work in previous revs). The knowledge base has been expanded, though it’s still a bit light on the experience benchmark. We’ve also fixed that bug that was around since about 1.7 where it thought the knowledge base was already full. Now it knows more, but knows it knows less. Short-term RAM is still a little flakey. Email processing is also still slow, but the “piano” and “reading” plugins have come a long way. This version also runs without a support contract from a major corporation. Most people surveyed agreed this was a solid upgrade, but we know there’s a lot of work left to do still. We hope to continue listening to feedback and keep up the regular release schedule.

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