Monthly Archives: December 2004

Leaving AIM On

I accidentally left AIM on my laptop at the office this weekend and I didn’t get a chance to come up here to turn it off. Now there are 33 open message windows from people who IMed me, probably all thinking I ignored them. One interesting note, when this many windows are blinking XP has a noticable delay between them, it’s almost like running lights.


I finally got a chance to read through Attention.XML that Tantek has been bugging me to look at for a while. It’s a lot like OPML except more verbose and I don’t have any toolkits that work with it easily. On the other hand it has some excellent ideas with regards to extensibility and I could see supporting this for something like updating WordPress’ link times, if it could be done elegantly. Groups are a little confusing, but I just read on the Technorati list they’re cleaning that up. I’m going to their holiday party later with Cheyanne so I hope to learn more.