Istanbul: Markets, Mosques, Nightlife

Wandering through market, Rüstem Pasa mosque, spice store, Yeni Cami (New Mosque), leeches, hilarious haircut, dinner with friends, Lucca, then Reina nightclub.

6 thoughts on “Istanbul: Markets, Mosques, Nightlife

  1. You have seen quite a bit, and off the beaten path places too. If you want to see some really unusual perspectives of the great Hagia Sopia, visit my site and click on Hagia Sophia tag (you know what ‘tag” is, right 😉

  2. You certainly have experienced Istanbul to the max. Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, then capital of the Muslim empire. So much history.

    And I really like how your photos are displayed. Do you use a gallery plugin? Which one? I use Lightbox Plus and I like it except that captions do not display as one scrolls through the gallery. I see that yours do.

  3. Good night, Matt
    Nice to meet you ……
    I am very interested in seeing photos of your trip in istanbul. I see the simplicity and simpleness of society there. Surely you are with your best friend really enjoyed sitting drinking tea in a small cafe on the edge of the road there:)

    Try to pay attention to ornaments on the walls and ceiling of the mosque there. Photos of the painting that you take has a “secret hundreds of program code” that you can learn in depth. More than what has been gained from the internet world so far.
    It is in the Qur’an. Try buying just one to take home, and please read and traced the code. You will find the secret number “19”, that will lock all kinds of “bugs” that interfere with the program you’ve ever made and other Internet experts.

    Among our first encounter. Nice discuss with you. I apologize for the lack of my english grammar usage 🙂

    Regards to your family and all your friends …