WordCamp Istanbul

WordCamp Turkey in the morning, wandering from Bosphorus University down to Bebek, dinner at Zubeyir Ocakbasi, a little Turkish ice cream afterward.

Door hanging out in the middle of nowhereturkish coffeeBörelStopped here to get a CompactFlash readerTwo women and catSpiderwebScaling buildingCats everywhereBosphorus University poolBebek IzgarachinchinWine / Mine / Fine / DineMint lemonadeChicken schnitzelMy view looking upPark minstrelParellel parked car towerTim likes waterZubeyir OcakbasiBalloonsHotel as HotelAbandoned cigaretteStreet musicians jamConsole errors! I love stuff like thisThey have the most amazing ice cream there, it's gooey