Comments Fixed

Thanks to Mike for pointing out a problem with the comments. While debugging it, I rediscovered what a mess the b2 comment code is, but I’ve cleaned things up quite a bit now. Why is everything done through an included file? Why can’t you show comments, pingbacks, and even trackbacks at the same time? Just […]


I’ve torn everything down and started from scratch. As a result things might look a little Spartan for a few days, but is that really a bad thing? The new will run faster, jump higher, and post your comments before you think of them.

Syndicate It is now available in four syndication formats. I admit to being totally new to this sort of thing, and the feeds have really only been tested in my copy of Syndirella, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite programs. They all validate but there might be other issues I’m not aware of. Enjoy! […]


Well all the cool kids are doing it ;). No actually, I’m starting to get back to the site in flux idea that I was attached to in the beginning. Before I had a home-brew theme system and I was committed to adding a new theme every month and making it the default for that […]

Final On Words

Final answer: most common starting words are “I”, “Well”, “The”, “It”, “This”, “There”, “Okay”, and “Just”. Most common first letters were I, T, W, A, O, S, M, and then J and H tied. I feel like I’m in a episode of Sesame Street. I’ve decided to add all this neatness to the Zeitgeist so […]

More On First Letters

Well I ran some regexes through all the posts in database hoping to clean them up a bit, and got rid of all the instances where I was starting with an unnecesary paragraph tag, now that it’s all taken care of automatically. I also took out some things so my RSS feed should be cleaner […]

Photolog Back

Due to certain extenuating circumstances, I have fallen a little behind on the photos. But don’t despair: I didn’t stop taking photos, just stopped uploading them. If you check out the photolog now you’ll see that all the latest and greatest are up. Enjoy. I’m really looking forward to taking pictures over the holidays, but […]