Monthly Archives: January 2003

Productive Day

I’ve been working with Becca at Kaveh Kanes for a while now, and I feel like a lot has been accomplished. Almost done with a new website, and I haven’t done one from scratch in a while so it’s felt good. Of course now I have to go and take my laptop which they never fixed back to Best Buy. What a drag! Hopefully they’ll be more helpful this time. Laptops are more trouble then they’re worth. Except this one.

Not There Yet

My initial glee over getting my laptop back may have been premature, as it seems now that it doesn’t charge when it’s turned on. That’s right, it doesn’t charge the batteries when it’s turned on. And one battery doesn’t seem to charge at all. You think this would have been something they would have noticed before they sent it back.

Switch… Again.

It has been a while, but it seems like my laptop has finally been fixed. Of course, they took just long enough to mess my schedule up, and get totally used to this laptop. The good news is that the old laptop should have all my stuff on it, and it will be nice to get back to the 1600×1200 screen, but I will miss the built-in Wi-Fi on this one. Now it’s time to do the dance of transferring all my stuff over. Since my email is all in IMAP that usually isn’t a problem, but somehow I always seem to accumulate tons of junk all over the hard drive that is important for whatever reason.

I have a really funny story about the Best Buy people fixing it: My mom calls them up today to see if it’s ready, well the guy says they got the pesky power button problem working, but now there’s something else wrong with it. He wasn’t able to log in to my account (good) but he tried to guess the password anyway (Umm, why?). Apparently when he pressed the keys, it would type a different letter than he was pressing. When he pressed “a” or “m” it was fine, but every other letter was wrong.

Sound familiar? As everyone who has ever used my laptop knows, this isn’t a bug, it’s a feature . I switched to a Dvorak keyboard layout two years ago and I haven’t looked back since. In addition to allowing me to type faster and more comfortably, it also has (as demonstrated above) a security benefit. (Unless of course you know the secret combination to switch between Dvorak and QWERTY.)


Aristotle said that excellence is not an act, but a habit. So is blogging. Over the holidays I’ve been away, busy, out, and I’ve fallen out of the habit of sitting down at the computer and writing the things that are important to me. My online time has only diminished somewhat, but my blogging time has diminished a great deal.

What the hiatus lacked in writing, I hope to make up in pictures. I have about five hundred pictures, in various stages of being posted, from the holidays. Once they’re all up I’ll post some highlights.


About two years ago I went and picked out a new frame to go with my new prescription. I wandered all over the store, but the ones that caught my eye (so to speak) were, in hindsight, terrible for me. I have an ovular face, and these were skinny and rectangular. The color was a deep brown, I put them on and felt a little taller, and things looked a little sharper, despite the fact that the prescription wasn’t in them yet. The design was fairly basic, but they had a brand name on them (I think Polo) so they were hideously overpriced. My judgment was influenced by Antitrust, a movie where the handsome main character, Milo, had dark glasses much like these.

Once the lenses came in I wore them to school, and the reactions were mixed, to say the least. Even the same people seemed to vary their opinions throughout the course of the day. It was different yes, but I don’t seem to remember it being that big of a deal. As my love goggles began to fade, I started to see why. They were skinny, and the way they sat on my “Roman” nose made them tilt oddly. One of my best friends summed it up later is that with the old glasses I looked like a doctor and with the new ones I looked like a lawyer. How should that be taken? I still don’t know. I’ve seen Ally McBeal, there are attractive lawyers. I’ve met some nice lawyers. But does it have an implication of moral tinge? When someone says you look like a lawyer in high school, it makes you think.

Anyway my mind wandered down this path today in the glasses shop by my house. I stopped in to get a “tune-up” on my current old glasses. They’ve been bent a little funny, thanks to me sitting on them a few times; the nose-pads needed to be replaced; the screw on the left was about to come out. The prescription is a little old, but that’s to be fixed later. The dark rims were there, and they called out to me. I flirted with them, tried on a pair or two, and laughed at the mirror at someone I had forgotten.