It’s that time again, where I’m forced to spend hours and hours reconfiguring everything and installing programs so I can be productive with this computer. I kept a list just for grins, and here it is: Winamp 2 (To listen to while doing the rest.) SecureCRT (Gotta have SSH.) Diskeeper Roboform (I’m lazy.) Google Toolbar […]

Future of Email

A group I’m a part of is preparing to form a number of “working groups” and each group may prepare a number of documents. The proposed format for these documents is plain ASCII text wrapped at 74 characters. It’s not the IETF, and on the whole it seemed like a rather restrictive format to develop […]


Wow, I noticed my computer was running a little slower than normal, so I fired up Diskeeper and it looks like my main drive is 95% fragmented. No joke.


As SxSWi rapidly approaches, and my spring break zooms by faster than I could have imagined, I find myself knee-deep in Smarty, which I feel is the most pleasant engine/enviroment/platform/whatever I’ve used in a very long time. Everything is so elegant, extensible, and well thought out. It is simple at its core, but brims with […]

Email Encoding

The Hiveware Email Encoder is quite nice, and it seems like it’s been updated to encode the email in a very strange way, but it works. What would be nice is to have a PHP function that would allow you to do this conversion on the fly, like <?php echo email_encode(’’); ?> and it would […]

A Little Curly

I’ve finally got it figured out. Put whatever text, html, whatever you want into this and if it breaks click the button. It works with things like the ’70s (closing), 5’9″ (prime marks), “this stuff”, multi-paragraph quotes, and pretty much every other situation I could think of. It also doesn’t touch a thing in HTML […]

Retiring Microsoft Executive

A retiring Microsoft executive said some pretty interesting things in his farewell letter. It sounds like not everyone is oblivious in the Evil Empire. “Microsoft must survive and prosper by learning from the open-source software movement and by borrowing from and improving its techniques. Open-source software is as large and powerful a wave as the […]

Curly Quotes Almost There

I was trying to use preg_match_all when I should have been using preg_split, but now that I’ve wrapped my mind around that problem the rest should be easy. I turn in my last paper today, so I should be able to finally have some real time to work on it.

More on IPv6

A neat trick to view any webpage, including Slashdot, over IPv6. For all the bad mojo it gets, Slashdot is one of the few sites where the comments will make me involuntarily burst out laughing, sometimes if they aren’t even that funny. I don’t know why. “And in other news, Slashdot managed to bring down […]