Milan Day Three

A bit of sightseeing. Milan at sunset.

18 thoughts on “Milan Day Three

  1. Hi Matt,
    These are neat photos, but these huge lists of thumbnails are clogging up my rss reader from being subscribed to the WordPress Planet. Could you perhaps just provide a summary in the feed, or remove the photo posts from the Planet?

  2. Nice pics.
    How did you display the exif info? Is there anything in the newest WP that makes it possible or do we need some special code? (there is nothing in the Codex about it)

    Seeing youor images reminded me that Ialso have some pictures taken on the top of the Duomo…

  3. Wow!! These photos are great. I always wanted to go to Milan. So beautiful. Can’t wait until I’m done with school. I think I might go then.