14 thoughts on “Hue

  1. And everything in these pictures look just like Korea!! Hue, Vietnam, who’d a guessed! Even the ceremonial dress in one of these pictures is the same. The language appeared to be Korean on the red and gold signage!?! Yikes!

    Then again, I’m pretty old – Korea was our tour in 1976! Even the guy in the raincoat holding a glass looks like my son! lol

  2. Very nice as usual Matt. You are really growing quite a portfolio. I would love to see you compile a post with some of your favorites from around the world.

  3. Oh Matt – just wondering how come you’re not using Intense Debate on your site?

    I’ve been meaning to test it out but was surprised to not see it on here.

      1. Cool. Be interested to see how you adapt it. I did a quick test install onto alex.leonard.ie but found that I completely lost the style that I had created for my comments.

        I’ve disabled it again for the time being until I get time to look at it properly and work out customising it to my needs.

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