Blogshares Etiquette

Is it just me or is there an entire social structure evolving around Blogshares? Links go back and forth, and every blog is given a quantative value. Gifts are given, but for what reason? Is anything truly altruistic? What’s polite? Are there vested financial interests involved? As if the social world of blogs wasn’t delicate […]

American Megatrends Gets Standards

The American Megatrends website is now table free and running on compliant XHTML 1.1 and CSS. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? Glancing through there are some places where the markup could be streamlined or more semantic, but considering there is a sole “webmaster/internet strategist/designer/developer” working on this, I don’t see it as a big issue […]

Acrobot Favelet

You can now sumbit text to Acrobot with a click of a favelet. The Amazing Ian is doing great things over there, though the tool does have a ways to come. I’m hoping he’ll let me peek at the source so perhaps I can use parts of their approach to tidy up my PHP acronym […]

On Syndication and Rolling Your Own

Tantek and Jeffrey have both written quite nicely about handmade sites and aggregation, respectively. I’d like to address some of Tantek’s points first; since I am writing content management system (by his definition), I found his ideas particularly relevant. First he lists a number of hand rollers, presumably as examples of the kind of “pushing […]

LINK Navigation

Now I know I just gushed about Opera, but I just found another reason why Mozilla kicks butt. Back in the day a number of link types that could be used by user-agents in an additional navigation bar or pre-cache some elements “to reduce the perceived load time.” Cool, eh? There are a number of […]

Opera Coming Along

I must admit that I haven’t touched Opera for some time now, and I never really took it htat seriously as a browser. Tracking its market share is tough because out of the box it identifies as IE6 out of the box, but I always figured that there was just too much wrong with it […]

My Personal Hero

Hire this man, or pass the link around. He’s put out some nice products, and you have to admire anyone who puts a picture of Zeldman in their header. Now if only he would release the email encoder as a nice PHP function for use in other applications…

So Easy

For the project I mentioned in my last post I’ve also been using a fantastic class called ezSQL that really makes a lot of things an absolute piece of cake. I don’t remember exactly how I came across this class, perhaps via Simon, but at the time I wasn’t doing anything I could use it […]

Image Fun

Been playing with manipulating images with PHP all night, something I haven’t done much since I had the fancy capital thing on this site, and that wasn’t as much manipulating images as generating images using truetype fonts. With GD included PHP is very easy to use for this sort of thing. I’m storing the images […]

New Yahoo

Saw this via Simon and I must say that I’m quite impressed. The interface is clean, the results are an ordered list and there’s all sorts of nice features and semantic goodness. Plus I show up twice on an image search for “photomatt.” If they had good toolbar this could definitely replace Google as my […]


I’ve spent all night hacking miniBB to have some semblance of standards compliance. I like it a lot because it’s simple and easy to get around, but the coding style (or lack thereof) in the source is really painful. In addition to no formatting of the PHP, the HTML suggests a lack of a basic […]

My Own Medicine

What’s good for the goose… St. Thomas High School (which I didn’t attend) is now compressed and loading using the zlib method which has grown on me since I wrote that article. STHS is the one major client I have that I don’t host (hence the non-mod_gzip compression) which made things very interesting yesterday afternoon […]