Monthly Archives: January 2007


Another day, another year! One step at a time, I seem to have found myself another year older. 2006 was a great, I’m just amazed at how quickly it went by. Time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂 Previously: 22, 21, 20, 19. (Have I really been blogging that long?)

Vertical Mac OS X

Since everyone is talking about Macs today — did you see the iPhone — I thought it would be a good time to pose to my highly intelligent readers a question that has vexed me for months. I have a Dell 24″ monitor attached to a Mac Mini, my preferred configuration for this is vertical (you can turn the Dell on its side) but I can’t find the setting in OS X that lets you put the screen into portrait mode. Any tips? Update: It was right under my nose. System Prefs -> Displays -> Rotate. Thanks to Daniel and Barry.


One thing I’ve found in the past year is there is sometimes a huge disconnect between people who make noise on blogs, or might have impressive blogs themselves, and productivity in the real world. It’s unfortunate, because it makes it that much harder to find good folks.


Habari is a new PHP5, object-oriented, database independent blog project that includes some people who have contributed to WP in the past. Should be worth keeping an eye on once they get a release out, it reminds me a lot of Drupal meets Serendipity.

How WordPress Spoils Developers

How WordPress Spoils Developers, I get the impression Brian is bullish on the future of WP. He’s right that we have a lot left to work on though, after 2.1 is out the door I think there’s going to be a ton more core development. Update: I agree far more with the developer-friendly bits than the “no room for anyone else” bits. If the latter arguments were true, WP itself wouldn’t exist and the fact that it’s never too late for something new is a point I emphasize in my talks a lot.