A Day on Necker Island

I had the opportunity to visit Necker Island and hang with some great folks including Sir Richard Branson, these pics are a collection of a day on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. (Sorry if you when you first tried to load this it crashed your browser, there was a bug in my gallery where it was loading the full-size images instead of the resized. All fixed!)

21 thoughts on “A Day on Necker Island

  1. it looks like this page loads the original pics and not the thumbnails. over 100 MB loaded and still counting…

  2. Looks like combining business with pleasure is becoming a second nature for you. Your previous album from Amsterdam contained hardly any photos showing that you have time to enjoy the travel. Here on another hand it is full of colour and fun.

  3. Hi, Matt!

    I love the functionality of your photo gallery. Would you mind please telling me how you set it up? Is it a plugin or an intergrated part of WordPress? I’d much rather set something similar to yours than continue using the Nextgen plugin I am currently using.

    I am all trial and error on this and am not very savy with code but I am usually able to muddle through most everything.

    I know you’re a busy man but any help from either you or your readers would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much, from a relative newbie!

  4. i LOVE looking at these pictures…they actually do justice to the island…You are an amazing photographer…i’m glad we were able to spend some time together. Are you heading to Calgary in a couple of weeks? If so…see you there 🙂 Thanks for the memories in the pictures here!!!

  5. Matt – just stumbled on this collection you put up. Sweet shots. I knew you were taking a ton of pics and these turned out awesome. Captured a lot of what was going on there. Great time!