A Tweak Here

If you have a sharp eye you may have noticed a few changes to the site. The big change is we now have publicly accessible archives. I had removed all archive links because I didn’t (and still don’t) like the URL structure they currently use, but I was getting enough emails requesting them that they […]


Giving it a trial run, it actually doesn’t look that bad on my site. I’m glad they got rid of that ghastly grey. However at the moment Google seems to think “coconut monkey purses” are particularly relevant to visitors of my page. Go figure. Anyway if an ad looks interesting to you check it out. […]

More Updates

The new release of WordPress is out and kicking, so get it while it’s hot. The photolog is also back up, but it’s ugly. An attempt to make it standards-compliant with some help from Gerrit Kaiser crashed and burned when I realized that I was overwriting files with older versions and that was breaking a […]

Upgrade Day

Just finished upgrading the server to address a mod_ssl vulnerability and get PHP 4.3.2. It went swimmingly, which is always nice. In the process of upgrading about half a dozen sites to WordPress .71 to test it out before the code is released. It’s a good process because the sites need updating (security problem again) […]

Updated Updated

The updated blogroll on the sidebar is now powered using WordPress Links instead of Blogrolling. It’s always nice to use your own project. One more thing knocked off my very long list of things todo this early Monday morning. Speaking of things to do, Alex’s Tasks might be just what the doctor ordered for organizing […]

Double You

Just a reminder: I love all the links that have been coming in recently, but if you link to something here, save yourself four keystrokes and leave off the “www.” It’s three months now, all the useful search engines (except Blogdex) have figured it out, why are two thirds of the HTTP responses from this […]

Vote It

You know you’re bored anyway, so go vote for PhotoMatt.net on Blizg which I used to not be crazy about but has me ranked consistently in the top 15 for a while now so I guess I can’t complain. Just click the plus sign above and right of the title and I’ll let you have […]