German Focus

So the next trip to Europe I’ll have to catch the Netherlands and Germany, I’ve met some fantastic WordPress users (and future users) from both. There is someone on stage from a German media organization talking about how they’ve begun emphasizing blogs much more in their publication, Focus. After browsing a bit I noticed that […]

Should We Have Hidden Options?

Alex King has recently suggested that we have an about:config for WordPress. When I first thought this I thought “great!” because we’ve had this for several versions now: if you browse to options.php directly you can edit any option in the database, even those that have no UI because they’re from plugins or just something […]

Mixed Feelings

Richard wrote in that the Shanghai Daily has blogs like their Editor’s Desk and Buzzwords (amoung others) on WordPress. However when reading through the site I came across this FAQ: “we need to approve every comment before it is published, as required by Chinese regulations.” It’s interesting how code and features can be used for […]