The Beginning of the End

Jacques Distler was flooded by random comments using a script specially designed for MovableType called FloodMT. seems to be down however the scripts are still widely available. We are working hard to address this sort of problem, for example comment throttling has been in WordPress from the beginning, but it is not a trivial […]

Apple In My Eye

So your Author would be a terrible blogger if he didn’t point out that iTunes is now available for Windows. It was immediately installed, requiring a reboot (the box had not been rebooted for 32 days), and preceded to crash consistently on a seemingly random set of files. It works swimmingly with about 95% of […]

Web Design on a Shoestring

Carrie Bickner, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at SxSW and have done my best to keep in touch with since, has a new book out, Web Design on a Shoestring. She has told me before that I’m not really the target audience for such a book, but it is certainly something I would […]