Travel Troubles

By the way, I’ve never been happier to be home. It’s the little things — like using a mouse and a real keyboard. Unfortunately getting here took the better part of 19 hours. They actually had the hood up on the plane that was supposed to fly me overseas, which was a long delay. I […]


My things are finally here. Thankfully the movers were pretty good, I’d heard some horror stories from people that had me anxious. The Comcast guy gets here tomorrow, and then I should be able to really settle in at home. Things I missed most: bed/pillows/blankets, camera battery charger, shoes, and vanilla candles.

A Walk

I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately so earlier tonight I went to the park to clear my thoughts the best way I know how, thinking through everything. It’s one of my favorite places in Houston but I haven’t been in a while because the weather has been pretty warm and I’ve […]