Giving it a trial run, it actually doesn’t look that bad on my site. I’m glad they got rid of that ghastly grey. However at the moment Google seems to think “coconut monkey purses” are particularly relevant to visitors of my page. Go figure. Anyway if an ad looks interesting to you check it out. […]

Upgrade Day

Just finished upgrading the server to address a mod_ssl vulnerability and get PHP 4.3.2. It went swimmingly, which is always nice. In the process of upgrading about half a dozen sites to WordPress .71 to test it out before the code is released. It’s a good process because the sites need updating (security problem again) […]

Jedi Gets Lawyer

The latest on the Star Wars Kid says that there are lawyers involved now, and they’re not happy with whoever originally put the video on the web. (It doesn’t look like they’re mad at the people who propagated it.) What really sucks is Ghyslain might not accept the money (man, monthly archive permalinks suck) presumably […]

Kin Than Kind

Hamlet was great, it was the opening night though so it ran long. Three and a half hours to be exact. Now if I was sane I would get some much needed sleep now, but Rachel is leaving town tomorrow so I’m going to hang with her and Josh for a bit. I hear he […]

Slow Burn

I feel like Neo in the first Matrix when he looks around everywhere and sees code, because code is all I’ve seen for hours, far too many hours. I’ve basically been working non-stop on getting WordPress out the door. In a bit I’m heading out for a meeting but after that it’s right back to […]