Monthly Archives: April 2005

Frustrating Amazon

Some days Amazon just drives me batty. Part of it may be the fact that I have 3 distinct accounts on Amazon, all with the exact same login, but which one I get depends on on what password I use when I log in. One of these accounts gives me the discount for using A9, the rest don’t. Depending on which one I logged into last, my A9 search history is hosed. The wishlists are in various states of upkeep, and all different. It’s confusing and frustrating and really turns me off from Amazon. I wish I could just delete all those accounts and start fresh. (If they let me export my wishlist first.)

How Flickr Was Made

Everybody I know loves Flickr and it’s one of the slickest web applications most of us have seen in a long time. I recently found out that Cal Henderson, the lead developer of Flickr from Ludicorp, is going to be giving a workshop called Building Enterprise Web Apps on a Budget – How We Built Flickr on June 20th here in San Francisco. It’s also fairly cheap for what you’re getting, so if you’re in the Bay area or can make it here for June 20th I’d highly recommend coming out, I’m planning on going myself. It’s put on by By Designers for Designers who also use WordPress.

A Calendar Problem

So here’s the scenario: I have a work calendar on Outlook 2003 which gets all the work meetings. I use iCal on my Mac to keep a calendar with mostly personal events and it syncs via DAV online. I would love to combine all of these and sync them together and to some sort of web interface, and make all the events and alarms go to my phone, a Motorola RAZR. Is this even possible? Update: Groupcal looks like exactly what I need.