Bah… Yeah!

There are three hundred and seventy-two emails in my two inboxes; with the way I work each represents something I need to do, respond to, tweak, fix, file. I’m going to try and get each inbox (@mullenweg = personal projects, @swcdesign = work) under a hundred messages tonight, though I’m pretty tired. The tiredness is […]

Oh Beehave

Sleep? Breakfast, Emily, House of Pies. Study. School, paper. Walking through beautiful clovers. Bee sting. Study. Home and back out. Pizza, Sarah, water, sugar, driving. Study. Sarah #2, chairs. Ring ring. Josh, Diedrich’s, talk, House of Pies, talk, drive, talk. Left turn. Flashing lights. License, registration, heart beat like a humming bird. Drive home, 60 […]


Being back in the City after the radically different environment is a strange socially organic feeling. It’s good to be home. And oh my goodness do I have some email to catch up on!

Open Keys

I could write about many things, but instead I think I will relate the fact that for the second consecutive day, I locked my keys in the car. The details are inconsequential, and it’s a story everyone has heard before, so let’s start discussing solutions. In computing the key [pun] to failsafe systems is redundancy, […]

Secret of Age

I’ve discovered the secret of growing old—subtlety. As I get older I find myself starting to really appreciate the shades of meaning in everything around me from art to architecture to music. Especially music. Truly great artists or groups that I may have appreciated only superficially before—Mozart, Radiohead, Frank Sinatra, John Coltrane—I’m now beginning to […]


Back in Houston, finally, and it’s nice adjusting back to old habits and comforts. Besides family and pets, I think the thing I missed most were my speakers, and it’s bliss to hear high fidelity sound again. Uploaded the last day from the trip, so enjoy! I’m also working on some layout/design changes for this […]