Best Open Source Social Networking CMS

WordPress Wins Best Open Source Social Networking CMS. “Packt is pleased to reveal that WordPress is the first winner of the 2007 Open Source CMS Award, picking up the best Open Source Social Networking Content Management System. In a very close category, WordPress came out in front of Elgg and Drupal, who finished joint second.” […]

Exciting Day

After my post talking about Vanilla and Pligg yesterday Duncan Riley at Techcrunch decided to write an article saying “Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg has spoken out against a number of open source projects for profiteering from their code.” That of course isn’t true, and the comment thread that follows is interesting.

Guardian on Splogs

The Guardian: Why Google is the service of choice for sploggers examines spam, splogs, Blogger, and As you may tell from the title, it’s overly harsh on Google, but nonetheless has some interesting commentary and information. Like I said last time someone wrote about this, I would never suggest is splog-free because I […]